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Initial consultation - $160
Detailed 1 hour consultation that addresses your personal health status, lifestyle and nutritional needs.

Follow-up consultation - $85
30 minute consultation to provide on going support, education and guidance.

Medicare Rebates
Nutrition For Life is registered with Medicare & is pleased to work with clients under the EPC Program and Eating Disorder Management Plans. Ask your GP if either of these schemes apply to you.

Initial & Follow up consultations (EPC Program): $75, with a Medicare rebate of $54.60 (Gap Cost = $20.40)

Initial Eating Disorder Consultation: $160 with a Medicare rebate of $54.60 (Gap Cost = $105.40)

Follow up Eating Disorder consultations: $85, with a Medicare rebate of $54.60 (Gap Cost = $30.40)

Private Health Fund Rebates
Nutrition For Life is a registered provider with private health funds, which means you may be able to claim a rebate, depending on your level of cover. The item number for an initial appointment is 500 and for a review is 600.

Bank transfer or credit card.

Please provide at least 24hrs notice of cancellation. A fee will be charged for missed appointments without any contact.